More Plant Pranksters

In the original story for “Midnight Mischief” the root characters wake up and prank a whole bunch of sleeping animals in the forest before being caught at sunrise. The story was then cut down into two short clips about individual pranks. The second Midnight Mischief short is what would have been the final prank that “goes too far.” The menacing tone of the root character lighting a match and lowering his welder’s mask to burn the family of birds is swapped for a more harmless scene of the two root characters trying to impress each other. After seeing the birds nest the root characters each take a turn messing with the sleeping birds. When one of the roots attempts to light the nest on fire, he is met with a shower of bird poo… Here is the final:

This short feels more like a complete story than the first. I am not completely happy with the backgrounds (I always have trouble with backgrounds) but enjoyed putting the piece together. I hope to eventually make another short with these characters getting in to trouble, but for now I will be focusing on other projects.


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