Gallop Cycle

I had a lot of fun studying a reference video of a cheetah sprinting in slow motion and translating the poses to an animated character. I started by taking a clip from the cheetah footage and making a loop-able segment, then I drew over the key poses and important frames in Flash. I started with the hips and the chest and animated the up and down motion to the same timing as the reference. I then went back and posed the contact, lift up, and passing poses for all the feet separately. The rig is the “Nico” rig, which was a lot of fun to work with, and I will probably end up using it again in a future acting test.

I did run into some major issues near the completion of the cycle where the front-right foot seemed to collapse in on itself. It seemed as though a joint or “bone” was somehow deleted from the rig, and even effected previous saves of my file. I was able to copy and paste frames from the controls on to a fresh rig to somewhat solve the problem. (which is what you see in the video)

For now these short tests are making me feel more confident in my 3D skills and with Maya, I hope to have some more cool stuff to share soon!


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