The Fox Trot

This quarter I was fortunate enough to get into a quadruped animation class. Not only is this a great opportunity to expand my 3D skills, but I will get a shot at animating animals and learning how they move. Our first couple assignments are looping walk cycles which can be a little annoying in Maya and require a lot of tweaking in the curve editor. We were given a cool cartoon fox rig and encouraged to study the crap out of our reference videos. Here is the result:

I was a little unsure of how to present this animation in video form, it is only 20 seconds long- not quite long enough to add a camera move, and all my attempts to lengthen the timeline seemed to ruin the legs or shoulders or some part of the rig’s animation. This is simply my lack of understanding of Maya, but for now this triple camera view approach seems to work alright.


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