Splashy Splash

This past week my 2D effects course has been experimenting with animating splashes and water. Our test was to lob a small rock into a pond and try to convincingly portray a primary and secondary splash along with ripples with the correct perspective.

I am overall satisfied with my first attempt. Unfortunately I think my rock and the primary (the first splash) splash are a little larger than they should be. My secondary splash could also benefit from more forward movement, it feels a little too vertical at the moment. It was challenging tracking the splashes in perspective, especially the parts that move toward and away from the camera. I am still not convinced I portrayed the water transitions from sheet to string to beads correctly, they happen very fast but perhaps my test could use a couple more drawings.



My next test will have fire, smoke and water so I am anxious to begin and improve on what I have learned with the past few tests.


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