Back to the Basics

I have always been interested in improving my skills in 2D effects. Smoke, water, fire… I have always wanted a better way of portraying them, they are very painstakingly intricate elements to animate that I haven’t quite gotten right on my own. This quarter I was very excited to finally take an effects class and officially tackle some of these challenges. Before we started any of the effects, our instructor brought us back to the basics and had us do a bouncing ball. Initially I dreaded the assignment, every animation class loves to start with the bouncing ball, it feels like I have done the assignment a million times already. After sitting down with the assignment and mapping out my perspective and planning how the shadows work, I remembered why this is a perfect starting point for any class. The bouncing ball is a perfect test of the 12 principles and there is always something to improve upon. It made me think back to what my professor in undergrad used to tell me about how animation is never finished, you just hit a deadline.


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