Illustration Storytime

My latest adventure in illustration class was to create a series of 3 images that tell a story. I chose to use a character my sister (an illustrator focusing on comic art) created and put him in a more serious scene.

The character Damien, is a seedy underground gangster character. He is a vampire so he has been around for a long time and knows how to fight. The story is that a group of men in suits arrive at the bar he is in and escort him outside where they try to jump him in an alley. The men are revealed to be part of an old group of vampire hunters and their symbol is the tattoo on the knife wielder’s hand in the second panel. They don’t realize they are easily outmatched and Damien kills them all and enjoys a victory cigarette.

This project was a big change for me, I feel like I have never approached an illustration with as much time and planning as I did for these three images. I am pleased with the end result, even though I think my perspective and characters could use some improving. (I always have to draw hands with three fingers!) I look forward to experimenting with longer projects that lead to more finished illustrations like these in the future.


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