Sad Text Message is Sad

My 3D animation class was recently tasked with creating a clip that showed an emotional change in a character. I chose to use a new rig; Bonnie, which was actually created by a former SCAD student. (It’s a pretty cool rig you should check it out) My clip has the character over-reacting in a very dramatic way to a text message. Here is one of the later drafts:

One of my instructor’s biggest critiques, aside from tweaking some arcs and timing, was to cut the last segment out completely. I was initially confused why he would want me to remove so much, but after seeing the new version I agree it is a big improvement! This has become the first 3D project I’ve created that I feel somewhat proud of. I am excited for the next project and to see if I can improve my skills further. Here is how the final turned out:

Also here’s a completely random doodle of the Joker from my sketchbook that happened to turn out pretty cool



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