Melty Faces are the Best Faces

I rediscovered an old GIF I started awhile back. The idea was to have some of the characters from Hotline Miami 2 transition into each other, by having their faces melt and distort in a fun way. Overall I think it turned out alright, but I am particularly proud of the tiger disintegrating at the end. I ran into many difficulties animating that brief portion, and tracking the blood was hard to get right (I think it still might be a little off) but the end result is very cool to see. Here is the final GIF along with the tiger, which I almost prefer on its own.

facemelt tony

Recently I worked on an illustration project with the simple prompt of “superhero.” For some reason my mind went immediately to Deadpool and Spiderman in an awkward/sarcastic/frienemy standoff. After a couple critiques I ended up creating a sort of parody of American Gothic using the two characters instead: americangothic_oldbusted

The final did not turn out very impressive and felt rushed, so I spent the next couple days re-working it in Photoshop and came up with this: spidermandeadpoolbwamericangothic_newhotness

The re-dos turned out so much better and I was proud to see they almost looked like they were made by a different artist. I am tempted to start drawing digitally like this more often, maybe even do a few more superhero doodles.

More to come soon!


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