Trying New Things…

Classes are continuing smoothly and keeping me busy. The student projects I have joined are in full swing and it is exciting to see all the progress that has already been made. Both SEAHORSE MAN and MONSTER PARTY should be wrapped up and ready to screen by the end of Spring quarter some time in May, I will definitely post links to the final films when they are finished!

I am finally taking a 3D animation class and have already begun to notice my Maya skills growing enormously. My first project was a simple reaction to a character offscreen. I chose inspiration from Inglorious Basterds, or more specifically the scene near the end of the film where the Nazi officer lays out his plan and exclaims “That’s a Bingo!” and then awkwardly laughs at his desk. 

This quarter I am also enrolled in an illustration class. Unfortunately the two projects we have completed so far are still-life drawings… I am still eager to sharpen my drawing skills and hope to take something away from the class. I suppose practice is practice, even if the drawings aren’t exactly what I would prefer to be drawing.

For the second assignment we were prompted to create a “crime scene.” I chose to make a mess of fake blood (soy sauce) in my bathtub and photograph it for reference, the drawing was done in charcoal, which I have only used a handful of times so it was a bit of a challenge. I think the messy nature of the charcoal compliments the mess of the blood splattered bathroom and makes for an interesting drawing.

More to come soon!


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