Nomad Previs and Maybe More?

Near the conclusion of my Storyboarding class we were left with a more open-ended assignment and encouraged to think more about bigger, thesis-like projects. This was the first time I had given serious thought to the content of my graduate film. I plan to make a pitch for an animated television show aimed for a young adult audience with a pitch bible, but the content of the show had not been laid out very concretely. This project allowed me to explore some options.

“Nomad” would be a traditionally animated episodic show featuring a sarcastic alcoholic protagonist, and his stoic intelligent robot sidekick. The two travel a post-apocalyptic setting stumbling upon various adventures. I want the show to center around fun and witty dialog, and conflicts that the protagonists overcome for the most part by outsmarting their enemies rather than flashy action sequences. The overarching story and motivations for a longer format animation are still being ironed out, but for the purpose of this class and project; they are rescuing a princess who has been captured by raiders. Here are some thumbnails of character designs and ideas:

dustdoodles1 dustdoodles2

This project for the most part lead to questions and ideas that I feel need further development, but I am excited about the potential and what these concepts will lead to. I like the idea of a world that is a mashup of different eras (old west, futuristic, steampunk?) with a punk rock aesthetic that can be further discovered in every episode. I plan to give music a larger part in the show and possibly have records used as a form of currency or treasure/valuable.


I look forward to expanding this concept with more story ideas and designs in the coming months!




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