A Trucker Tale

For storyboarding class we were tasked with creating a short animatic in Maya based on three random photographs provided by the instructor. The photographs served only as a starting point and we were given the freedom to diverge from them and create new elements as needed. The three images I was provided were one of a truck driver wearing a plaid shirt with torn off sleeves and a beer gut, one of a peculiar man posing in a swimsuit, and one of a disheveled swimming pool full of grime and neglect. I decided the character in the first image fit the role of a truck driver and made him the protagonist. The peculiar man annoyed me, so I made him a reoccurring nuisance to pester the protagonist. The image with the pool led to the idea of the trucker, in that he was originally transporting sewage or whatever green goop was shown in the image within his tanker. The trucker is tasked with delivering the contents of his tanker to an address, and is determined to arrive at his destination on time. It is suggested he doesn’t know where he is going or who he is delivering his tanker to.

Here are my original thumbnails:


The biggest problem with my thumbnails is the ending. I think my story builds up to something, but there is no payoff, the end is just the reveal of the peculiar man one final time. Here is the animatic in Maya:

I am excited about my improvement with the program. I had an easier time navigating around and creating primitive movements. Maya really allowed for me to push the camera and create angles and compositions I may have not tried in 2D. Unfortunately I was very pressed for time and did not give the ending or the story itself the attention it deserves and find it still lacking.

The biggest take away from this project is my new found appreciation for Maya as a tool for previs. I am more optimistic about experimenting with camera and 3D more in the future.

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