Boards and Stories

This quarter I was fortunate enough to take a class on storyboarding and creating animatics. This is a good opportunity to focus on improving my camera placement and shot composition. One of the earliest assignments we were tasked with was to take a sequence from a well known movie and transform it into a hand drawn storyboard to bring attention to the camera work. The shot I was assigned was the “bullet time” sequence from the first Matrix film which was a lot of fun.

I was also tasked with creating a digital storyboard based on a short story. I chose a creepypasta (basically a scary story shared on the internet) titled “The Mailman.” The sequence that interested me in this story was when the protagonist first discovers an intruder in her yard, then goes to confront him only to find he is not a person but actually a disfigured creature. Here is the rough animatic:


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