Zombies and Things

Last spring I worked on a short animation where a character ran from a couple of zombies, the project was never finished but I made a few GIFs out of the run cycles. goofyrunzombie2 zombie1

I had the chance to take a theory class over the summer, during which I wrote a paper on “The Uncanny.” The uncanny is something that provokes a feeling of discomfort, it is when something is strangely familiar, yet foreign at the same time. It is unlike fear, as it is not a response to danger it is the feeling of “creepiness” when one is presented with something they don’t entirely understand. This can be a realistic wax figure, a doll, or even an animated character that moves in a jarring way. (Think motion capture) I made a series of short animations to accompany my paper, in them I attempted to recreate the feeling of “uncanniness” by establishing a norm and then breaking it immediately afterward. An example is the reoccurring dog animation where a dog barks normally to set the viewer’s expectations, then afterward a second dog moves in a bizarre manner while barking. I think some of the sequences turned out more successful than others (the rotoscopped faces I think convey uncanniness pretty well) and by the end I was more or less making up things to try to make the audience uncomfortable… It was still a fun project and it gave me an opportunity to try some new ideas and tinker with the horror genre a little.


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