Michael Jackson Rotoscope

I was tasked with creating a 10 second rotoscope for a class. While not initially very excited about the assignment, I decided to choose video footage of something that would be otherwise very difficult to animate, and ended up with a clip of Michael Jackson dancing from the 1980’s. I went for an outrun/80’s stylized look with bright colors and lots of pinks and blues. After hours of tedious rotoscoping, here is the finished clip:

I was a little disappointed with how his head turned out, the blurry footage made it difficult to reference. The facial features feel a little too inconsistent even for the jittery stylized lines the rest of the figure has. Earlier in the semester when I first pitched my project, one of my classmates jokingly suggested I make my character a rubber chicken and the floppy bouncy character would look funny dancing as Michael Jackson. The rubber chicken thing kept coming up, and eventually I decided “why not.” Here is rubber chicken Michael Jackson dancing:


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