Aesthetics, Practice and Drag Queens

Late last year I decided to enroll in the Savannah College of Art and Design and get my Masters in Animation. Classes started this January and so far everything is going smoothly. I still have trouble justifying spending so much money to go back to school and potentially still not land a job after graduation, but I have to give it a try. While I am here I am trying to focus and work as much as I can on improving my skills and making a badass reel I can show to potential employers.

Anywho, I have a class called Aesthetics and Practice, and the goal of the class is to design characters, come up with a story, and create an animatic by the end of the 10-week quarter. The funny part is our professor assigned us at random two characters, a prop and a setting. I ended up with “the drag queen,” “the unsociable man,” “the piano,” and “the hospital.” So i’ve been trying to come up with some interesting designs and a story for this odd set of items.

So far my story has to do with the “unsociable man” being a patient at a hospital resting in his bed. He is woken by the loud scraping of a grand piano being dragged across the floor in front of him. He sits up to see the “drag queen” pulling the piano over to the bed next to him to perform for an old lady (patient). The unsociable man tries a couple of goofy stunts to get the drag queen to leave, like passive aggressively turning the TV volume up, throwing objects like his IV bag, and spamming the call nurse button. After these produce no results he tackles the drag queen and they both roll out a nearby window. The scene cuts to a different hospital room showing both the unsociable man and drag queen heavily bandaged next to each other in hospital beds. Suddenly another drag queen begins dragging a grand piano into the scene…

Here are some sketch book scans of my character design progress:


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