Pirate Progress

I’ve finally finished clean-up and color for the never ending ninja short I’ve been working on. It’s awesome to finally reach this point where all that’s left is titles/ending credits and sound + music. I hope to have this wrapped up in the next few weeks and finally get it posted! It’s in a place where things are coming together and starting to look pretty cool so I thought I’d post some newly finished background characters. There is a scene where the ninja pulls the light switch in a pitch black room revealing a big crowd of pirates surrounding him. I drew a lot of inspiration from the inmate characters from Superjail, I wanted the pirates to look gross, ugly and threatening, not just a bunch of losers with fancy hats and peg legs. Here are some gifs from the crowd:

Also here is some goofy fan art I made after see the last episode of this season’s Rick and Morty. (a while ago) The season ends with Rick being imprisoned in an elaborate space-jail which naturally made me think of everyone’s favorite elaborate prison. I still think this would make the most amazing cross-over.


I might attempt an animated Rick and Morty gif in the future… the characters are just so weird and fun to draw!


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