Mysterious Absence?

grillmaster miller0010

Around the first weekend of June I hurt my back. Bad. The pain was so bad I could hardly sit, I even found myself lying on the floor in pain at work one day. After numerous doctor visits, I discovered the culprit was primarily my terrible posture when drawing. Who thought you could hurt yourself drawing!?

I’ve been more or less out of commission for the last few months, I’m still trying to learn how to sit and draw the “right way” and catch myself hunching every once and awhile but it’s been better. I guess this is my way of saying; Be careful! That stuff your teachers always warned you about is true, and back injuries are awful.

So what HAVE I gotten done? Not much unfortunately, but this site has gone too long without an update dammet! Here are a couple quick GIFs I made to help get back into the groove of things

ryukflycomic1 phantompain

This last one is a preview of my big ninja project



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