Ninja Time

After a couple of unexpected setbacks, I finished the animatic for my next short! (currently being called Ninja Ned, I haven’t decided if the cheesy title is good bad, or just bad bad) This is just the animatic so it isn’t too much more than a moving storyboard, there is a long way to go but the first chunk of progress is exciting to see.


The story might be hard to follow without any audio or dialogue, so here’s a little summary:

Our hero is trying to sneak into some sort of Pirate hideout, after getting surrounded by Pirates and narrowly escaping into a trap filled room, he finally comes across the room holding the supposed treasure he was after. He approaches the door and sees another ninja already at the treasure chest. Some sarcastic dialogue and threatening(not really) glares are exchanged before the rival ninja reveals the treasure chest is empty and there is just a light bulb inside making it glow. So naturally they laugh and go get ice cream.


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