Affinity, Opportunity and Ability

Untitled-1When asked to evaluate these three areas in an attempt to find a trajectory for my future/career, I was initially overwhelmed and confused. (As I assume many about-to-graduate college seniors must feel) The awful truth is I have no idea what is going to happen, and I feel that right now my only option is to work harder in the “Ability” department and open up some more slots in the “Opportunity” department.

Affinity is the easy part. My interests, are what shape me into who I am and effect what my work is about, things like cartoons, violence,, caricature, and awkward/dry humor. (Ninjas too.) This combined with my abilities; knowledge in programs like Flash and Harmony, and drawing, lead to opportunities like CCAD. Being a student at CCAD has opened more opportunities than I initially realized, from access to the cyntiq labs, to contacts through friends and teachers, to the internship fair. So what does all this mean? I feel like this exercise was meant to provide answers, but for me it has acted more as a reflection. It just makes me feel like I need to work harder to expand these lists.

I think it’s easy to see how these three areas have shaped myself and my work. Many of my projects are sarcastic shorts featuring random caricatured actors performing actions their more serious counterparts would never be seen doing. (Ninjas texting, Zombies eating ice cream, etc) As far as my future trajectory, I like to think a few paths have started to open up, even if they are a little blurry and unclear at the moment. One path I would like to pursue is the idea of starting a website of goofy flash cartoons. With an affinity for weird one-off short cartoons, and abilities in Flash, I think I could realistically pump out quality content on a regular basis, with a couple of strong films (that I will be finishing this year) forming the backbone of the site. This may not be much of an end goal, but a stepping stone for the other path; becoming an animator at a small studio. While I plan to pursue a studio job after graduation, I am aware of how difficult it is to be hired right out of school. Building a website and a collection of quality animations will not only build my skills, but give me a goal to work towards, and a sort of portfolio to show potential employers.


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