Social Media?

“Social media is not important, being remarkable is important. Social media simply helps amplify and bring attention to your remarkable work.”

I have never been a big fan or even a user of social media, but recently I have been persuaded to make a Twitter and Instagram. As silly as these sites seem to me I must admit I do see advantages to using them as an artist to get yourself out there. As an artist, the goal of social media is to communicate your ideas efficiently, to show your work, to get feedback and ultimately improve. It is also a nice way to keep people updated with what you’re working on and let them know you are still relevant.

Out of the social media networks available, I chose Twitter and Instagram because of the simplicity. There isn’t a big commitment at stake, when you have an idea you post it. I see Twitter as an abbreviated blog-post site. You can post about updates to projects, or link to Youtube videos to generate hype. Instagram appeals to me even more because it isn’t text heavy. I can see myself working on a project or sketch and taking a screen shot or progress report to post.

I hope to utilize these sites to become apart of the conversation that’s already happening and contribute myself. My goal is to find other artists with similar interests and become noticed myself for my own work.


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